Hi, I’m Ian Paul, a product marketing writer based in Israel. Prior to getting into marketing, I was a regular freelance contributor to PCWorld as an anti-virus and VPN critic, news reporter, and deal hunter.

My work has appeared online at ABC News, Greenbot, The Huffington Post, Lifewire.com, Macworld, MSNBC, Reuters, TechHive, Yahoo Tech, and The Washington Post.

If you want to get in touch you can find me on Twitter as @ianpaul. You can also email me at ian@ianpaul.net. If you’re the encryption type you can grab my GPG Key, or get everything you need on Keybase.io.

You can check out my archives at PCWorld and How-To Geek. If you can’t get enough corporate networking and network security in your life check out my work on the Perimeter 81 blog.

More About Me

Writing has always been a big part of my life, but my career really started when I worked in public relations. During that time, I honed my skills for writing clear, precise, and factual copy that presented my clients in their best light.

Writing became a full-time profession a few short years later with my now decade-long tenure as a freelance journalist with PCWorld, and other IDG sites including TechHive, Macworld, and Greenbot. I’ve covered hundreds of stories about the major technology companies during this time including Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft. I’ve also done news analysis and reporting on tech legislation, as well as reporting on local Israeli companies such as Waze, Soluto, and Zuta Labs. I’m also a regular contributor to How-To Geek and Tech.co.

Throughout 2016, I was the resident Windows expert for About.com, which later became Lifewire.com. I wrote numerous tutorials for the site to help novice Windows users take full advantage of their PCs.

I also contributed to Yahoo Tech between August 2015 and February 2016. For Yahoo, I reported on a variety of topics such as the emergence of Internet access in Cuba and the true value of the fitness brand craze.

In 2009, I was invited to contribute to the Huffington Post.


Below is a selection of my favorite work in recent years.